condolence to my firend Nikki Carrascoso whose father died last November 4, 2006.  also to Joseph Ocbena whose father died yesterday 13 November 2006. their death reminded me of Tatay who died March 2003.

a few weeks ago Tatay crossed my mind and i began to realize how i missed him. when i turned 32, i remember thinking about how was life for Tatay when he was 32 …. someone who has a family; with kids to send to school and provide for their needs. tatay was born 27 september 1951, he was 51 when he died. at the time that we was 32, i was already 9 years old!… which also means there was really a lot of pressures going on around him when he was at the age as i have now. which such realization, come my appreciation and admiration of Tatay. he has gone through a lot in life…. and yet he was able to raise us the best way he knew/can.

wherever you are right now, tay…. i hope i’m making you proud…

 more on Tatay, soon


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