i’ve been thinking of writing something about this…

question: who is the only person that can make the President of the US or any powerful person nod or shake their head???

answer: the barber! hahaha!

in a world where having POWER means a lot for most people, i find it an enjoyable experience whenever i have to pass through security guards. these men and women may have humble jobs but look who’s got power here?!?!?!

for a couple of times already, i tried to observe this young security guard who’s assigned in the entrance  where i usually pass through going to the office. sometimes i would present my bag for inspection (for security purposes),  this guy would just nod his head that would mean i can pass through and i would usually nod back with a smile. the guard would then be back in his pensive look, this time with pride. well, tell me if it’s not close to showing power. hehehe. for me, that’s something to think about..

the daily few seconds of walk from the our building’s entrance to the door of our office, reminds me of how people enjoy having power… sad thing is, there are tendencies that power to be abused.

i hope that i can be more responsible of handling my own power….

“… with great powers, comes great responsibilities….”