Jeff Canoy

I think Jeff Canoy is one of the most promising journalists in our country today.

Jeff recently did a story about wishes of terminally ill patients which produced my natural eye wash and left my heart wretched… whaaaa!!!

A line from somewhere says “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”. This line indeed what describes the young journalist Jeff when he delivered the story in Patrol ng Pilipino with such heart that he repeatedly uttered the words “mabigat sa puso/heavy to the heart” while doing his spiels, conveying sincerity and sympathy. He actually did the interview on Christmas Eve, with his very commendable team!!! When I searched about an article on this Patrol ng Pilipino episode, i got this link

I’m now following Jeff in twitter!/jeffcanoy — reading his candid, youthful and informative tweets. This twitter account also connects to his Ang Talipandas tumblr account mentioned above. I twitted Jeff that I like his intro “paano ka makakarating kung hindi ka naman umalis/how can you get there when you haven’t left?” — not sure of translation– because it speaks about being pro-active.

With the senior (old) reports given preference on the major assignments, it’s a breath of fresh air that we see the likes of Jeff and Chiara Sambrano (another equally promising young journalist) making relevant stories and covering important events.

Kudos and more power to you, Jeff!!! 🙂