My Evangelization Story: declaration

Proclaiming and witnessing: declaration (Part 4b of 4)

The rewards of proclaiming and witnessing

I truly admire those who unselfishly share their resources for evangelistic works. This generosity of sharing time, talent and treasure is in response to God’s love, grace, blessings and salvation – a simple expression of gratitude.

After giving our best efforts, let us remember that the work of evangelization is not about us, it is all about God. Just like the process of germination, we acknowledge that our role in the setting is God’s co-worker in His vineyard: (i) He plant the seed in the heart of the person; (ii) we help cultivating the soil by providing avenues like invitation to the prayer meeting and community activities; (iii) then we let God water it with the attitude of surrender with the hope that God will bless our effort; and (iv) the last part which is already beyond our control is on how the person will respond to God’s call.

Let us be inspired of looking at the joys and rewards of our service. Just like the noble teachers or catechists, let us be more concern about the outcome (saving souls) rather than income (what monetary value we gave from it).

Let us remember that this journey of evangelization is also for us: to learn about humility, and compassion. At the same time, it can also be a means of affirming the gifts that God gave us – the gift of salvation – that we freely share to others. It sometimes requires us to look back to realize how far God have taken us in this worthwhile journey called life.

Empowered to pay it forward

As God continue to empower me, allow me to share with you a favorite passage that made a major impact on my evangelization story. I go back to this passage to draw strength and inspiration whenever tempted, discouraged, tired or harassed in my evangelization works and journey through life in general. It brings me to reflect as to the “Why and for whom am I doing this?”. This is when Jesus read the Gospel declaring and claiming God’s empowerment in Luke 4:18-19, it says:


  The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”

The evangelization story: next chapter

 Until now I cannot still pinpoint when and how exactly my relationship with God started, but I am sure that without the presence of people who taught, encouraged and supported me to memorized prayers, go to Mass, serve at the parish and join religious organizations; a personal relationship with God would not be established. Because of their faith, hope and love to God, I experience and encountered God’s faith, hope and love in the different stages of my life.

As I continue to journey through life, God gave me Getti as life-long partner and evangelizer with whom, with expectant faith, and Elisha Marie as reminder of our life-long evangelization vocation, I am looking forward to another chapter of fruitful and grace-filled discovery, discipleship and declaration of the Lord’s Good News.

My Evangelization Story: declaration

Proclaiming and witnessing: declaration (Part 4a of 4) 

Personal and tailored-fit

In the recent issue of Youngster, it featured an article entitled Evangelization: the Pope Francis Way. What I like about the article is the portion where it reminded me that according to Jesus, our mission to be fulfilled on earth as Christian is to evangelize.

My favorite line from The Youngster article is the enumeration of the different means to make Jesus’ life known to all: fiery speeches to wordless witness, zealous crusades to open dialogue, scrolls of parchment to podcasts and blogs. Isn’t the line poetic? It sounded easy, but is it?

Evangelization is very personal – it is tailored-fit and there is no one-size-fit- all approach. As a unique individual, the Lord will call us in our least expected circumstances. For countless times, God met me when I failed, when I sinned, when I felt joy, when I was frustrated, when  I was afraid, when I was victorious, when I was tired – just about anywhere and anytime I called upon Him.

Be ready for the challenges

Since evangelization work is of God’s then it will be challenged by the negative force.  There are some challenges that will confront us in this mission. Allow me to share with my personal challenges:

Pride and self-righteousness: it is not about me, it is about GodThere was a time I realized that despite tremendous efforts, there seems to be little or no progress in my evangelization work. I found out the problem was with me: I developed pride and became self-righteous. I started to consider the change of heart of another to be my own doing. The work mission was already a “mining” task – a way to feed my ego. By God’s grace, I was able to correct myself and acknowledge that the task at hand is all about God and not mine.

Super Evangelizer: I cannot save the whole world all at once, only one-soul-at-a-time. With much enthusiasm and excitement to change stone into bread and water into wine, I started to have a vision of saving every person I meet. Eventually I began to feel tired and consumed from all the activities – I got burnt out. It was because I spreading myself thinly.

Then I came across a reading which I kept until now, which goes:

“A devout person once said: In my youth, fired with the love of God, I thought I would convert the whole world. But soon I learned it would be enough to convert the people who lived in my village. I tried that for a long time, but I was unsuccessful. Then I realized that my program was still too ambitious, so I concentrated on reforming the members of my own household. But I couldn’t convert them either. Finally, it dawned on me that I must work only upon myself. But I have stumbled in my attempt to accomplish even that.”

This inspired me to be very wise about rendering service and being protective of myself, because since I can only do the mission of evangelization one-soul-at-a-time.

Unworthiness and inadequacy: even if I’m young and not a good enough, God will empower me. As I grow in service, there were new assignments given to me. The reluctant me would always give an excuse of me being young, not yet ready or not good enough. For a time I was saying no to ”additional” work and eventually stayed in my safe state — comfort zone. Through prayers and encouragements, I began to take steps and exploring new grounds.

Ammunition for Evangelization

Based on experience, I realized that in order for me to be an effective evangelizer, I have to be in “mission mode” with 3A’s strategy: Attraction, Attention and Affection.

Attraction: I live my life being with hope, modesty, order, kindness, positivity and joy, despite the daily struggles and challenges. In a way, this created a sense of curiosity to some people around which resulted to them being attracted to what I’m doing as a Christian. When someone start to ask about when or where I go for Mass or request to be included in prayers petitions, I start to pray for guidance and courage to approach the person for a chat. I have proven that evangelization work is done through the daily words and action that speak about my life – it’s walking the talk.


Attention: It is important that I devout time, effort and resources in the mission to bring another to a personal relationship with God. As every relationship requires time, it is necessary to spend time with the person. I pay attention to details about the family, those around the house, the choices of sport, genre of music and films/movies and things that will make the person more comfortable with me. In this way, it will be easy for me to introduce to other persons with the common interest.

Affection: Whenever the person is sharing about a concern, difficulty, and moments of sorrow, joy or successes – whether small or big, I express affection with genuine concern. I find it important to be truthful and sincere in order to gain trust and to send a message mutual trust and confidentiality is highly valued. Reality is evangelization work starts with listening. It is always important that a person knows that you are willing and capable of listening, as this connotes understanding and acceptance.

It helped to do evangelization mission, however challenging, whenever I’m reminded by the Prayer of Jabez which says:

“Oh that You would bless me indeed and enlarge my border, and that Your hand might be with me, and that You would keep me from harm that it may not pain me!”

My Evangelization Story: discipleship

The evangelization story: discovering God (Part 2 of 4)

Evangelization is relationship-building

God continuously bring people into my life to be part of my evangelization journey: my Grandmother who taught me prayers; my Aunt who brought and encouraged me to go to Mass; my elementary teacher who encouraged me to become Altar Boy; my religion class teachers who were instrumental in nurturing my interest for study about Christianity and the Catholic Church; my fellow Sta. Monica Youth Ministry (SMYM) members who has been inspirations on how to be a responsible youth and in serving God through His church; my Brothers who are role model in dedicated service rendered as a Knight of Columbus (KC).

Ang Lingkod Ng Panginoon (ALNP) sisters and brothers gave me venue to continue my journey with God through service. Servants of the Lord’s Vineyard (SOLV) Sisters and Brothers accepted me as a family member the warm welcome, presence, prayer and support for Getti, Elisha and I. Our journey with Ligaya Ng Panginoon (LNP) has been teaching us a lot about marriage and how to work together with God as constant partner in our life as a family.

 Getti: my life-long evangelizer and partner

As I am reminded that evangelization is not a one-time big time journey, God sent my life-long evangelizer and partner in Getti. When I met and learned that Getti is a member of SOLV, I saw how dedicated she serves, how firm she is in her beliefs, how she keeps her values, how generous of she shares time and resources for the Lord, and how accepting and non-judgmental she is in her dealings with others.

I am thankful to God for Getti. She continues to be my daily evangelizer: on how to deal with parents and in-laws; how to handle resources; how to treat others with love and respect; how to share freely and not counting anything in return.  With her as my wife and life-long evangelizer, I know that God will shape me to the best person that I can be. Getti is a manifestation of God’s love to me and an affirmation that doing my mission as a Christian is life journey not meant to spend alone.


My series of discoveries of God was made possible through different relationships.  What is common about those who are instrumental of my encounters with God is that they were first my friends. Our friendships serve as foundation for me to know more about God and eventually led to personal friendship with Him. Their acceptance and sincerity played a big factor which established a life-long friendship that ushered my exciting journey as a Christian.



Precious coin

I always make it a point to pick any coin whenever I see one anywhere – be it in the streets, by the jeepney or on the floor of an establishment. The reason for this is that I believe that every single coin has a value, how small it may be. Come to think of it, there will be no 1 billion pesos if there there’s a lacking 0.5 centavos.

You and I are similar to a coin. Individually, we have our own value in God’s eyes. We are valuable to God. Each one of us is created in a unique and special way, collectively forming God’s body – His church.

Being part of God’s one body, we are called to contribute to God’s mission of spreading the Good News of salvation through our service. But there are times that we think and feel that we don’t have the talent, we are not capable or eloquent or fit enough to serve. Let us be reminded that even how little you have, but when offered whole-heartedly to God, He will bless it and turn it to something of great value. So serve the Lord: volunteer to arrange the chairs, to clean the room, to collect the garbage, to help out in singing, to welcome guests, to serve food. There are a lot of ways as long as you are sincere in your desire and will to serve.

One song that always moves me to reflect on how uniquely valuable my service to God is Corrine May’s Five Loaves and Two Fishes. The song was inspired by the Gospel of John (6:1-14) where Jesus fed the 5,000. It tells us the story of a boy who, upon hearing that Jesus and his disciples need food, presented his 5 loves and 2 fishes. Such an innocent act of kindness from that boy! The miracle that happened next was beyond his understanding: because of his 5 loaves and 2 fishes, Jesus feeds 5000 men plus the women and children!

So, what does it take from us for God to work miracles? It’s our “Amen”. Just like in the case of Mary, when God heard her “Yes” and He started to work on miracle right there and then by putting Jesus in her womb. God wants us to listen, obey and surrender whatever He tells us. We have to believe. We have to let go and let God.

Whenever discouragements and insecurities start to work its way in me, I remember the line from the song that says… “So take my five loaves and two fishes. Do with it as you will, I surrender. Take my fears and my inhibitions. All my burdens, my ambitions. You can use it all. I hope it’s not too small”. This line will usually bring me to an immediate awareness of God’s invitation to surrender whatever I have and that I just have to lift up to Him.

In our journey through life, there will always be obstacles and challenges that will come our way. We will be tested and crushed. But let us be reminded that all we need is to surrender to God. Let us bring our concerns, our aspirations, our dreams, our frustrations, our pains, our joys to Him as our gift, as our five loaves and 2 fishes. Inspired by the line from the song, we let God take our fears and our inhibitions, all our burdens and our ambitions. God can use it all, because for Him, no gift is too small.

You and I are priceless to God. That even if sometimes we see our worth as low as 0.5 centavo, God will pick us up. He will keep us and value us like precious gemstones of emerald, ruby, sapphire and diamond. Ready to be offered to the King of Kings.

Positivity is a Decision

worth the wait :)
worth the wait 🙂

Time to relax on a Sunday morning and it’s a joy recalling my blessings and encounters. The #PositivityProject continues:

1. Us time: Reflection: good fruit from good tree with Getti Daez-Presaldo
2. Sent out reflection points and interesting replies
3. Healthy and delicious breakfast of vegetable and fish.. healthy and filled
4. Shared #PositivityProject for September 12
5. Us time: continued conversations with Getti going to QC – affirmation that Getti is a good person because of how Mommy & Daddy was able to raise her and her siblings Aileen Marie Daez Virtucio, Ryan Daez, Happy Daez-Angeles and Jd Daez
6. Restful time during visit to our dentist: relaxing therapy as I doze off to sleep
7. Lunchdate: thankful that we discovered Terraces in Fairview; so we took photos and posted in FB where Madz Jasmine Baac and Arlene Gregori reacted about being adventurous and size
8. Us time continues: watched Rurounin Kenshi and got interesting life lessons: the dead wishes to happiness for the living; you won’t be a better person if you harm or kill another; non-violence; 2 offerings of the sword: “shadow” for the man, “real” for the god. The movie is not as violent as it seems in the trailer; really worth the wait
9. Found a good pair of black shoes for P299.00: it is better than more expensive pair
10. Went for Grocery at Puregold – learned that is called as “Tindagan ni Aling Puring – cute!; we bought pork buy-one-take-one for P92.00 only!
11. Us time the saga: on our way to Bulacan, Getti and I further discussed what I shared with Regina Abrera about searching and praying for someone whom you can be wacky & crazy with
12. Appreciating friends: we talked about gift of friends as part of our support groups – thank you to Jollymugmates, Irasik friends, Superfriends, Lingkod and SOLV sisters and brothers, an those that God sent to us on times that we need them
13. Aling Nancy was in the gate to help us since we didn’t have umbrella – we remember about Angels reminding us of the things we need to do or bring, but most often we tend to ignore them… so, we should pay more attention for things crossing our minds
14. Good dinner with Mommy & Daddy: realized how generous my parents in-law are
15. Capped the night by with I Do: this has become my favorite weekend show. They tackled issues on trust with partner which reminded us of the August 26 event in our life that led to a more open and God-centered relationship as husband & wife

I realized that more “Us Time” is what God wants for me and Getti. Discovering new things and discussing what matters to us, our family, friends and community members — feeling joyful.

Positivity Challenge #1 to Project Positivity

HappYness is overflowing and energy is bursting Finally, was given the grace of time to reflect and appreciate my blessings for the day, before it ends Nang Jo Rabacio and Mareng Owen Legaspi, thank you for inviting me to this process – you are God’s instruments in order for me to undergo this meaningful process So, here it goes:

1. Husband & Wife Time: accompanied Getti in the Makati City Hall to get her license
2. Sharing God’s Inspiration: was able to send morning reflection points while waiting for Getti and traveling to the office
3. Iloilo Connect: able to communicate with Joseph, my brother, and share lessons in taking care of family
4. Monetary blessing and the grace to set aside something for tithes
5. Helping Hand: forwarded to a friend re: job opportunity
6. Celebrity spotting: saw Basketball player’s girlfriend, finally
7. Teacher’s Connect: Ma’am Ofelia Pacete, one of my favorite professors
8. Forgiveness & Mother’s Love: listened to Lance Raymundo and his Mom over a faith sharing session. The mom shared that it is her devotion to Mother Mary who “kept everything in her heart”; very inspiring
9. Lunch with Sister Grace Huelgas, it was a divine appointment
10. Over work, I learned about Archiving & Smart Cities
11. Took a work break with Jen and Tina, cute banters and observations
12. Cousin Connect with Mike Hipolito, Getti’s cousin
13. Took a nap when I got home and was awakened by a sweet hug from Getti
14. Project Hope: we discussed about a friend who needs to be encouraged while she’s undertaking life challenge. We decided to visit her soon
15. Sinigang nga baboy over dinner!
16. TV Time: we watched Mother’s Story and surfed over my new channel fave: 2nd Avenue
17. Decided to uninstall Sticky Notes and Skype from my unit, which bothers me whenever I open my netbook:)
18. Began to write this Positivity challenge
19. Watched David Blaine in TV
20. Possibility of sleeping before 11pm — feeling happy.


I have this fascination about candles that I started taking photos of them whenever possible.

I also read somewhere that lighted candles represent our prayers, even if we left the place where we light them.

May these candles bring my prayers and intentions to God– for my family and loved ones, for friends, for community, for our beloved dead, for church and national leaders, for the vulnerable, for our country and the world… For mankind

From the Inside

I feel a certain degree of calmness and peace whenever I take time to pause and examine my life, whichever state I may be on that particular moment.

The time, short or long, always bring me to a better perspective about what I’m being confronted with. And most often, my realizations and fruits of reflection directs me to God; about how He fashioned events and circumstances that led me to where and who I am.

Then I eventually realized that the peace and calmness I feel whenever I look inside me is because God is dwelling within me.

If you’re climb…

If you’re climbing the ladder of life, you go rung by rung, one step at a time. Don’t look too far up, set your goals high but take one step at a time. Sometimes you don’t think you’re progressing until you step back and see how high you’ve really gone ~ Donny Osmond

There are times that I feel the lackness or inadequacies of things. Some of this areas include love that I’m showing, efforts that I’m doing, help that I’m extending, success that I’m achieving, money that I’m saving, places that I’m going, and the list goes endless….

Reading this quotation from Donny Osmond made me realize that I’m been too hard on myself and been ungrateful to God.

Looking around, I see people with less or no food to eat, less or no money to spend, less or no love received, less or no place visited, less or no property to call their own, less or no more health to keep, less or no work to give affirmation to their talent or skill. 

Thank you, Lord for reminding me to be grateful. For reminding me to step back so that there will be more reason to look forward.