missing out

was i browsing my “friendsters” (meaning not all are close friends) photos in friendster and started to think about the things that i missed in life…

1. kids… there are those friendsters that are younger than me (hahaha! at the age of 32 what would i expect???) and already have kids… i enjoyed looking at their photos!

2. buying a car… whaaaaaaaaaaa! not a need but just crossed my mind 😉

3. taking a break/vacation… huhuhu, my bestfriend and our friends has just been to  boracay… la ko ya kaupod kay i have class = (

i think i have to stop writing… i’m feeling more depressed! hahahaha!

 actually, my point is: i always have the option/choice in how i will go on with my life’s affairs…. i might have missed out things in life BUT i realized that there are just things/ decisions that i can simply make without taking into consideration the important factors surrounding them… somehow i’m glad i made those decisions… hehehehe

positive reflections in the next entry 😉


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