Feast of the Cross

During the Feast of the Holy Cross, I was reminded of Jesus’ gift to mankind, that is, the gift of His being nailed to the Cross as a way to save us.

Therefore we say, “We adore you, O Christ, and we bless you, because by your Cross you have redeemed the world”

Memories of the 1995 World Youth Day’s Way of the Cross came back to mind 🙂

Thank you for your Cross , O Lord
Thank you for your Cross , O Lord

Positivity is a Decision

worth the wait :)
worth the wait 🙂

Time to relax on a Sunday morning and it’s a joy recalling my blessings and encounters. The #PositivityProject continues:

1. Us time: Reflection: good fruit from good tree with Getti Daez-Presaldo
2. Sent out reflection points and interesting replies
3. Healthy and delicious breakfast of vegetable and fish.. healthy and filled
4. Shared #PositivityProject for September 12
5. Us time: continued conversations with Getti going to QC – affirmation that Getti is a good person because of how Mommy & Daddy was able to raise her and her siblings Aileen Marie Daez Virtucio, Ryan Daez, Happy Daez-Angeles and Jd Daez
6. Restful time during visit to our dentist: relaxing therapy as I doze off to sleep
7. Lunchdate: thankful that we discovered Terraces in Fairview; so we took photos and posted in FB where Madz Jasmine Baac and Arlene Gregori reacted about being adventurous and size
8. Us time continues: watched Rurounin Kenshi and got interesting life lessons: the dead wishes to happiness for the living; you won’t be a better person if you harm or kill another; non-violence; 2 offerings of the sword: “shadow” for the man, “real” for the god. The movie is not as violent as it seems in the trailer; really worth the wait
9. Found a good pair of black shoes for P299.00: it is better than more expensive pair
10. Went for Grocery at Puregold – learned that is called as “Tindagan ni Aling Puring – cute!; we bought pork buy-one-take-one for P92.00 only!
11. Us time the saga: on our way to Bulacan, Getti and I further discussed what I shared with Regina Abrera about searching and praying for someone whom you can be wacky & crazy with
12. Appreciating friends: we talked about gift of friends as part of our support groups – thank you to Jollymugmates, Irasik friends, Superfriends, Lingkod and SOLV sisters and brothers, an those that God sent to us on times that we need them
13. Aling Nancy was in the gate to help us since we didn’t have umbrella – we remember about Angels reminding us of the things we need to do or bring, but most often we tend to ignore them… so, we should pay more attention for things crossing our minds
14. Good dinner with Mommy & Daddy: realized how generous my parents in-law are
15. Capped the night by with I Do: this has become my favorite weekend show. They tackled issues on trust with partner which reminded us of the August 26 event in our life that led to a more open and God-centered relationship as husband & wife

I realized that more “Us Time” is what God wants for me and Getti. Discovering new things and discussing what matters to us, our family, friends and community members — feeling joyful.

Project Positivity #2 :)

superfriendsThis is supposedly posted last night, but better things happened and you’ll find it later So, here am I on my second rendition of my #ProjectPositivity:

1. Us Time: discussed about Examen, an Ignitian exercise on daily reflection of being aware of what are our thoughts & feelings for the day
2. Able to do 40 (!!!) push-ups … in the bed!
3. Sent morning reflections to friends
4. Introduced to the process of making a cute button when Sheryl Evangelista shared steps … aliw! #IWillAttendButton
5. Colleague made a blurb and put my name on it… very generous man
6. Reviewed Smart Cities material sent email to research center on how to order and got a call.. so that’s how you do it
7. Savory lunch with Fatima Mabor Bautista, Aura Abon, Charity Lao Torregosa and Sheryl Evangelista
8. Attended brown bag.. remembered time spent in Indonesia with Edwin Leo Mokodompit
9. Finished initial material on Smart Cities and send to colleague; she’s very kind with her comments
10. Bought turkey sandwich for mother-in-law; got a sweet thank you
11. Extended help to a Tita
12. Received cute and funny message from Crispin Merlow
13. Was reminded by an angel to buy conditioner for Getti
14. Met up a friend (fwend) RealLife Book/Dolly; she treated me for snacks and gave RealLife: Story of Ordinary Filipinos with Extraordinary Lives ; the sharing was endless and we started to talk abut #Project300
15. It was also Celebrity spotting for me: PBB All In: Joshua, Mars, Loisa, Vickie, Jaso, Robi and some G-Force Dancers
16. Spent affirming dinner with a very good friend Regina Abrera; she’s really an inspiring sister
17. Got a good massaged – home service with wifey
18. Found out that I was tagged in a photo taken earlier with fwend Dolly
19. Saw a touching note from Superfriends Jasmin Lagunilla Vargas
20. Saw a the literary work of my bestfriend John Lorenz… gifted writer!
21. Went for a nap, but fell asleep while being hugged by wifey!

Ahhh, never get tired of counting my blessings! — feeling blessed.

Positivity Challenge #1 to Project Positivity

HappYness is overflowing and energy is bursting Finally, was given the grace of time to reflect and appreciate my blessings for the day, before it ends Nang Jo Rabacio and Mareng Owen Legaspi, thank you for inviting me to this process – you are God’s instruments in order for me to undergo this meaningful process So, here it goes:

1. Husband & Wife Time: accompanied Getti in the Makati City Hall to get her license
2. Sharing God’s Inspiration: was able to send morning reflection points while waiting for Getti and traveling to the office
3. Iloilo Connect: able to communicate with Joseph, my brother, and share lessons in taking care of family
4. Monetary blessing and the grace to set aside something for tithes
5. Helping Hand: forwarded to a friend re: job opportunity
6. Celebrity spotting: saw Basketball player’s girlfriend, finally
7. Teacher’s Connect: Ma’am Ofelia Pacete, one of my favorite professors
8. Forgiveness & Mother’s Love: listened to Lance Raymundo and his Mom over a faith sharing session. The mom shared that it is her devotion to Mother Mary who “kept everything in her heart”; very inspiring
9. Lunch with Sister Grace Huelgas, it was a divine appointment
10. Over work, I learned about Archiving & Smart Cities
11. Took a work break with Jen and Tina, cute banters and observations
12. Cousin Connect with Mike Hipolito, Getti’s cousin
13. Took a nap when I got home and was awakened by a sweet hug from Getti
14. Project Hope: we discussed about a friend who needs to be encouraged while she’s undertaking life challenge. We decided to visit her soon
15. Sinigang nga baboy over dinner!
16. TV Time: we watched Mother’s Story and surfed over my new channel fave: 2nd Avenue
17. Decided to uninstall Sticky Notes and Skype from my unit, which bothers me whenever I open my netbook:)
18. Began to write this Positivity challenge
19. Watched David Blaine in TV
20. Possibility of sleeping before 11pm — feeling happy.

Book Challenge :)

Nikki Lagunilla Vargas tagged me on this Book Challenge, thank you for that … and it brought a lot of good memories and loads of reflection points while doing my list. which is limited to 10 So, here it goes with some bits of trivia:

1. P.S. I Love You, from Sweet Dreams by Barbara Conklin – the FIRST pocketbook that I read, which led to “the rest is history”
2. Master of the Game by Sidney Sheldon – very strategic, must have reflected the competitive side of me and the interest on reality shows like Survivor and Amazing Race
3. Jonathan Livingstone Seagull by Richard Bach – fly high! and the feeling of being high
4. Gift of Acabar by Og Mandino & Buddy Kaye – where I got the Credenda, which changed my life as I started looking into my life through the line of the creed. Thanks Lyn Madero for mentioning Og that caught my curiosity
5. All I need to learn I learn in Kindergarten by Robert Fulghum – JP introduced me to this writer and I started looking for his other books. RonElaine Sotacio and Tita Marivic G. Mabilog, I think JP found it in your house together with It was Fire When I Laid on It, etc
6. Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom – talk about maturity and death. Mentor-friend and life in general. I love the lessons and I have my fave line there, among the many favorites
7. Prayer of Jabez by Bruce Wilkinson – Thank you Bing Pelobello for giving me this book or was it Reda Marie Villaruel? With God’s grace, I”m starting to ëxpand my tent and looking forward to Divine Appointments If you have more of his works, would gladly welcome them
8. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho – Divine Purpose and looking for the North Star This book got me addicted to Coelho works
9. Homecoming: Reclaiming and Championing your inner child by John Bradshaw – A Jesuit priest recommended this book when I was discerning It’s one life-changing books! Found more books from Bradshaw that became my collection. What do you think Sis Sue An Telarma?
10. The Fault in our Star byJohn Green – after watching the movie, I’ve become an instant fan of Hazel Grace and Augustus! Thank you Tina Abella for the book passed it on to my niece

I realized that whenever I start reading an author’s work, it will led me exploring more works from him/her. So, will looking for works of John Green and Bruce Wilkinson Got more meaningful books and will probably share stories about them in my here 🙂