Project Positivity #2 :)

superfriendsThis is supposedly posted last night, but better things happened and you’ll find it later So, here am I on my second rendition of my #ProjectPositivity:

1. Us Time: discussed about Examen, an Ignitian exercise on daily reflection of being aware of what are our thoughts & feelings for the day
2. Able to do 40 (!!!) push-ups … in the bed!
3. Sent morning reflections to friends
4. Introduced to the process of making a cute button when Sheryl Evangelista shared steps … aliw! #IWillAttendButton
5. Colleague made a blurb and put my name on it… very generous man
6. Reviewed Smart Cities material sent email to research center on how to order and got a call.. so that’s how you do it
7. Savory lunch with Fatima Mabor Bautista, Aura Abon, Charity Lao Torregosa and Sheryl Evangelista
8. Attended brown bag.. remembered time spent in Indonesia with Edwin Leo Mokodompit
9. Finished initial material on Smart Cities and send to colleague; she’s very kind with her comments
10. Bought turkey sandwich for mother-in-law; got a sweet thank you
11. Extended help to a Tita
12. Received cute and funny message from Crispin Merlow
13. Was reminded by an angel to buy conditioner for Getti
14. Met up a friend (fwend) RealLife Book/Dolly; she treated me for snacks and gave RealLife: Story of Ordinary Filipinos with Extraordinary Lives ; the sharing was endless and we started to talk abut #Project300
15. It was also Celebrity spotting for me: PBB All In: Joshua, Mars, Loisa, Vickie, Jaso, Robi and some G-Force Dancers
16. Spent affirming dinner with a very good friend Regina Abrera; she’s really an inspiring sister
17. Got a good massaged – home service with wifey
18. Found out that I was tagged in a photo taken earlier with fwend Dolly
19. Saw a touching note from Superfriends Jasmin Lagunilla Vargas
20. Saw a the literary work of my bestfriend John Lorenz… gifted writer!
21. Went for a nap, but fell asleep while being hugged by wifey!

Ahhh, never get tired of counting my blessings! — feeling blessed.


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