brunch Christmas party

we had our brunch office Christmas party today… where in the world have you heard of BRUNCH Christmas party??? hehehe anyway, it’s something different thus time. the preparation was simple – we had pizza, salad and pasta from afrique’s.

yesterday Jen and Dianne distribute their gifts to us. I got a bottle of wine and a spa gift certificate 😉 the girls are really sweet.  as a practice (tradition), we also give out our gifts to everybody in the office.  for the Jen, i bought a lavender knitted shawl and got Dianne a blue native necklace. i gave to marlon my black shirt and for the rest of the boys (ivan, lymbergh, nereo and tope), it was the 365 Days with the Lord book. lorenz was right when he told me that the guys will not complain about my gift since its the Word of God. jen like the shawl and Dianne was pleased with her necklace. oh, nereo gave me a ceramic canister, marlon had a nice bottle opener and francis gave me a CD entittled Lovers’ Bossa Nova.

butz , ting, joie and carl joined in our office brunch christmas party…


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