memories that i cherish…. somehow classified but not necessarily in any particular order:

  1. elementary graduation … hehehehe
  2. afternoons when i got to climb guava trees before going back to school
  3. bicycle ride with ramel and job (+), my two elementary friends… job’s father used to bring the three of us to school in a single bike
  4.  when i won in the district religion quiz bee back in the second grade
  5. hehehe… also in the science quiz bee  when i was in grade six 😉
  6. i got to be an escort in the coronation of the queen, who happens to be my cousin…. hahaha!
  7. when i throw my crush’s tsinelas (flip-flops)  to the roof because she doesn’t like me to be her escort

high school:

  1. winning in the RSSPC… read: editorial wiritng FILIPINO! =p
  2. dancing our way to  become regional champions in the folk dance
  3. the inspiration of Cherry Solas
  4. being class president in fourth year
  5. wearing long-sleeves shirt for the JS Prom during my junior year… bwahahaha!
  6. making of our Radio Drama program in Filipino class… writer/director, ehem! 😉


  1. JES president
  2. Jr. Philcoman Regiona president
  3. parangal … 2 CS certificates 😉
  4. lantern parade 1994
  5. Blue Jeans presentation… ehem!
  6. San Dionisio field trip in Nat Sci II
  7. Mambucal trip with friends
  8. Freedom at 18

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