theres’s this line that says “each of us have our own place under the sun”. come sing with me: dito ba? o dito ba? ang sulok kong takda sa ilalim ng araw… 😉

why am i bringing this up? i actually just came from the comfort room (oppss, this is no toilet humor, hehehe) and i don’t know why but i’m more comfortable to pee in “my corner urinal”.  actually, there are 2 Male CRs our office building … the one near our office closes at 5pm and the other one is open for the whole day. And in every CR, i have a favorite urinal.. which is usually in the corner most part. i don’t know,  but i’m amused in this behavior of choosing “those” urinals.. maybe i simply find more comfort and security doing my own thing there.

so what’s my point? point is,  there are really decisions that we make every single second… from choosing what to wear, what to eat, how to react and yes, even where to pee. bottomline: i’m used of going with what or where i’m most comfortable. i realized this and wouldn’t deny that i’m the LESS RISK-TAKER type of person… with such comes my justification that it’s me who would enjoy the benefit or suffer the consequence of my decisions.

on the otherhand, maybe soon i should also try to take chances on other unusual and non-traditional things…

about my corner urinals: we will be transfering office in a couple of days… and i will miss them 😉


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